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2worlds2go website about virtual worlds, VR and creating AI.
  • New facebook page

    We have a new facebook page. Now it is run by me Nils Ophelia.

    This is almost how i look in real life.


    Hope it will work out nice.

    See you in world Nils.

  • New studio new pictures

    I have a new studio in Second life so i can make some new pictures. And a small gallery downstairs. Great.

  • Really need some more training.

    Been a long time since i had my virtual camera out. And it shows.

    But it is just to work on it. Have to get better to do a new exhibition.

    Need some new props to. Terrible hair.

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World lighting

I have been doing 3d graphics for a long time now. Its all about that little triangle. How many and how to use a texture or not. Just to make it take as little process power as possible. Effective use of spaces to separate groups of objects and now days how to make download as small as possible. Then there are some more things to think about like shadows, ambient occlusion and what kind of shaders that the viewer software uses. Reusing objects and textures are important. Trying to cut frame rates on the graphics card and making the build a nice experience for the viewer.

Area lighting

I see some great builds in games and in Second life that sometimes blow my mind. How did they do that? When I analyze it. It´s always really good use of triangles, space and texture. That is what I want to do. That is what 3D graphics is all about.


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